We went to the end of the Med. and came back. The whole trip took us 5 years!! Then we went up to Canada and down to the Bay of Chesapeake, where E Galois was sold and is now sailed.

To see some pictures of the crossing in 1992, click on the yellow circles at Bermuda, the Azores or La Rochelle. You might as well click on this 1992 Atlantic crossing link.

We sailed up the coast of France to Le Havre. Then we unstepped E. Galois' mast and crossed France through the canals and spent the winter in Cannes. Click on the links to see some pictures of our trip up the West coast to Le Havre, then on To Paris via the Seine, we crossed central France on canals to the Sa˘ne river, then down the Sa˘ne and Rhone rivers to the Med and spent the 1992 winter in Cannes.

In the spring of 1993 we sailed for Corsica, Italy, Sicilly and Greece. Since we wanted to spend the winter of 1993 in Aegina, an Island south of Athens, during that summer of 1993 we made two trips through the Cyclades. In the spring of 1994 we headed North to Istambul and then cruised the South coast of Turkey before going on to Lebanon and Israel and then returning to Antalya, via Cyprus, to winter. After a good winter with lots of visits ashore we left on April 28th 1995, heading back West. We left the Med. on Sept 11th for Madeira. We then cruised the Canaries from October 4th to December 2nd when we crossed to Barbados where we arrived December 28.

We slowly island hopped up the lesser Antilles. Our daughter and her family managed to meet us in Discovery Bay in Jamaica. Four years after our departure from the USA we come back and up the Tombigbee and Tennesee

In due time we will document the rest of our trip in these pages with pictures. But at the moment you can read a write up of our:

1999 cruise,

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as well as our 1994 cruise .

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